17 February, 2010

Love and other icky things

 If one wants to see what Valentine's day is all about, you just need to go to any place that sells cards and other ridiculous things like stuffed white bears holding hearts and flowers. I went to Landmark the day before and as always the silly jewelry counter guy asked me if I wanted to buy diamonds. I was already annoyed that they don't sell recycled paper (but very craftily label them all as "Recyclable" and have the recycle symbol) and I almost stopped and asked why on Earth would I buy diamonds from a bookstore. I mean, what kind of book-hating bookstore would diversify into jewelry and cosmetics (this attracts hoards of people who don't read) ? I also wanted to tell him that it being Valentine's day, he should be asking all the guys if they wanted to buy diamonds. If I didn't hate talking to people so much, I'd be a great salesperson.




You'll notice how I very cleverly did not answer any of the questions.

Also, if there is a bunny in any of my strips, it will almost inevitably get whacked. This reminded me of a funny post my friend had put up which had a bit about rabbits which led to me coming up with these rabbit cooking instructions:
1. Cut off and use tail to brush off any extra dirt.
2. Dip bunnies in veet hair removal cream to get rid of their stupid bunny fur.
3. Wash thoroughly.
4. Chop off ears - can be fried and served as chips.
5. Stuff bunnies with required stuffing (carrots and other silly stuff) and roast and toss into stew.

Title credit goes to my friend Dumpsy.
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