07 January, 2010

What is it with ninja poses that makes you want to strike one for no reason?

This is my tribute to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I used to be a big fan. So much that some people called me "turtle". Now, some people call me "sharky". I probably will be referred to as some animal or the other until I die. Or even after.
Anyway, my favourite turtle was/is Raphael. He's the one with the red mask. But when Eastman and Laird first created them, all the turtles wore red masks. I figured that if I drew masks on all the characters, one would assume that they were wearing orange, blue, purple or even pink for that matter (this being a b&w comic strip and all). I rather have the character with Raphael's weapon wear the mask and have people know that the mask is red. Yes, I have weird reasons for why I do the things I do or draw the things I draw.
I shall also confess at this point that I have a thing for swords. I don't like knives and sharp objects thanks to "Final destination" movies, but I love swords thanks to He-man, She-Ra and Lion-O (why do they all have hyphenated names?).
A friend of mine said that the "mouse looks like he is forced to go on this mission and the cat couldn't care less". That describes those characters and the people they're based on perfectly.

ps - This is now my new wallpaper. I actually love it. I can't believe I drew it.
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