20 January, 2010

Well, if you insist...

I would have added the little stick with all its possessions wrapped up in a handkerchief but the shark isn't actually doing the leaving. It's just scooting about trying to make small talk about current issues, I suppose.

I do love those little scooters. I bought one back from the States a couple of years ago. It's hot pink and fabulous and hidden somewhere at home. Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that I wasn't a child even some years ago. I wish we were like Japan where people would ride around on little kick scooters and people wouldn't stare at you but applaud you for being so eco-friendly. I could try the eco-friendly option we have here and walk it out but unfortunately, the friendship is not such a mutual one.

ps - Just so we're clear, I do not check every five minutes to see if people are back from vacation because I miss them.
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