25 January, 2010

We'd certainly have more peace

For some reason I like scenes of people lying on grass or in big meadows. And I like shots taken from behind them and was hoping I could pull off that angle. I couldn't.
I'm not satisfied with the first sketch and I thought I'd just use the whole script on the second one but it seemed to lose something.
Also, I'm fully aware that the two have exchanged places but again, when I tried switching them, it seemed to lose something. So we'll just go with this weird meadow where mirror images aren't that different or that big a deal.
 There are indeed times when such emo thoughts pass through my head. I thank God that they're just passing through. I mentioned one of such thoughts to a friend and she wanted to start a T-shirt campaign with what she thought was a clever slogan to end all the World's problems.
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