28 January, 2010

That's right... go throw a hissy fit!

This is a strip I drew for a friend as a farewell present. I had to censor out some bits because those lines have to do with certain private jokes that probably will not make sense anyway. I wasn't planning on putting it up but the weird rodent/ tasmanian devil creature is just too adorable to be locked up. So here is the PG-13 version.
Don't you simply love the term "hissy fit"? There's so much you can do with it. I really do love the people in my life who I can pick on and who pick on me and drive me to draw cartoons of them looking like strange creatures. I'm so glad that God keeps providing me with such friends no matter for how short a while.

ps - I don't think I could ever pull off the ridiculous outfit on the shark. Not even if you paid me or dared me. I still have a dare pending.
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