27 October, 2009

They ought to sell shark seeds

My sister actually got me one of those "Grow your own Millionaire" toys (check the 'Lost in Wonder' link for story) for my birthday and all of us at the party were very excited to see him grow. So we put him in a bucket and waited. They don't work as well as you'd expect.
Recently, a friend said she ought to give me a "Grow your own friend" so that I'd have company while she's away. Here's sort of how the chat session went.

Me: Hello! I'm the one who's emo about people liking me
A: Oh Gawd, here we go again... I'll bring you a "Grow your own friend" when I return
Me: x-(
A: you can talk to 'it', cry to 'it, complain to 'it'... awww...
Me: I'll smack it and flush it
A: Sure you will. It's not a boy so you can't become its best friend and fall in love with it.
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