11 June, 2009

Maybe we ought to start a matrimonial site and call it sharkdi.com?

Sometimes I wonder if I ought to try this tactic. It might work. Why can't people meet at cinema halls or book stores?

Drawing those movie theatre chairs was pure torture. I got so bored after I did one that I sort of scribbled through the rest. And I didn't want to draw actual detailed people so they ended up looking like zombies. Yay, Doctor Zombie!

I got the fish fry idea from something my sister said about the shark on some forum. I get most of my inspirations from my family.

Lost in Wonder link: For a more in depth, "grown-up" explanation...I'll put up the link soon.

Ps - We have a matrimonial site here called shaadi.com - for those who didn't get the title.
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